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by Mana Aizen



“I prepared it for you, Yoshi-kun…” “Eh!! What?!! My favorite Yuki-chan’s pussy…?! Yuki’s husband, Yoshi-kun, still loves his wife’s pussy as usual. The two of them have gotten used to their naive newlywed life and are happily preparing for a relaxing trip to a hot spring. One day, Yoshi-kun suddenly hears the phrase "sexual harassment between marriage couple" and becomes worried that might also apply to his action… The impatient Yoshi-kun imposes himself into mode "Yuki-chan self-control" up to the hot springs, but...? He can't hold back when his favorite dish (his wife, Yuki) is in front of him!! This is the “simmering surprise H” story between (A husband who loves his wife too much) vs (A wife with her pure love)