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Right now, we are in urgent need of experienced staff for the following positions:

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Q. Are and Batoto scans related??

A. No, they aren't. is a platform where ANY comic fan can upload content for their fellow comic fans. On the other hand, Batoto scans is a scanlation group (like any other) who translate raw/original content into english and share it with other comic fans.

To put it simply, is a site, and Batoto scans are a group of people who scanlate using the site's name as their own and are acknowledged by the site owner.

Q. We would like to partner up with you! Is that possible?

A. Depends! Most fan scans staff already know other people in the sphere, so if you're in one of the more well-known groups, just reach out to us and we'll see if we can work something out!

Q. When is X series going to be updated?

Q. How do I join the effort?

Q. How do I report an error?

Q. I want to suggest titles, where do I go?

Q. I have more questions, where do I ask?

A. For the love of god, just join the Discord.

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